Texas Horned LizardFull orchestra (3232.4231. 4 percussion, harp, celesta, strings) c. 3 min., part of the “San Antonio Carnival of the Animals” collaboration between Youth Orchestras of San Antonio, San Antonio Zoo, and Composers Alliance of San Antonio.
Variations on Themes of Saint PhilipSolo organ, commission by Katherine Schmitz
In three movements, based on chant from the Liber Usualis

Requiem, for the Victims of a Pandemic*
(*chamber accompaniment)
Choir SATB, 2 Soloists, & new reduction for Chamber Ensemble of 5 musicians

Consortium commission by Trinity University (Gary Seighman), University of the Incarnate Word (Bill Gokelman), and Young Professional Choral Collective (Danielle Steele)

c. 31 minutes

For more information about this project,
including the lyrics, click here.


Requiem, for the Victims of a Pandemic
Choir SATB, 2 Soloists, Chamber Orchestra
Consortium commission by Trinity University (Gary Seighman), University of the Incarnate Word (Bill Gokelman), and Young Professional Choral Collective (Danielle Steele)

c. 31 minutes

For more information about this project,
including the lyrics, click here.
“Committed During COVID”
– a short opera
Short opera with Sheila Rinear, librettist
Project organized by Drs. Kevin Salfen and Ken Metz in San Antonio, through the University of the Incarnate Word

Songs & scenes in post-production and to be released in a virtual environment called the “Opera Complex”
Trace~Graphic score for saxophone quartet

Composed for a Composers Alliance San Antonio Project with ~Nois saxophone quartet and the International Arts Festival at UIW
Four Short educational pieces“Particles” – etude for solo piano (advanced)
“Dorian’s Day” – for piano solo (beginner)
“Easy Elephant Walk” – for solo tuba (beginner)
“Rumination” – for solo tuba (advanced)

Works composed for a Composers Alliance San Antonio Project “Made in SA”
Epitaph for a Darling LadyArrangement of original song for brass quintet


Opera Complex project:
“Committed during COVID”
(project launched)
Project with Sheila Rinear, librettist
organized by Drs. Kevin Salfen and Ken Metz
Requiem, for the victims of a pandemic
(project launched)
Consortium call for choirs/orchestras to join this project
For more information, click here
Forgotten Folksong-Miniature for clarinet, composed for the Made in SA VII music for young performers concert (CASA)
premiered by Angela Liendo


Dragonflies-for flute and piano, composed for Abigail Walsh and Pei-I Wang (Music Wall Duo)
a Composers Alliance San Antonio Project
Miniatures Postcard Seriesa series of miniatures during a time of certain uncertainty

Intimacy – for harp
Meditation – for organ
Smelling of Ink – for voice & marimba
Remembrance – for clarinet
Mystery – for piano
Deep True – for piano
Key Sparks – for clarinet
Conectada – for speaking cellist
Matrix – for flute
Rumbo – for alto flute
Serene – for cello
Vitamin E – for violin
a Seed-miniature for Oboe
Project invitation by Teil Buck, oboe
UNDA Cellotrónica album-May 1, 2020 album release!
Exciting collaboration with cellist Clara Rivière
-Karin Veldkamp, graphic design
-Thomas Rex Beverly, mastering
-Jim Waller, recordist
Clementi Sonatinas ProjectTrio arrangements of the Clementi Sonatinas
for SOLI Chamber Ensemble’s educational project


Nest-Commission by SOLI Chamber Ensemble:
a new work for quartet: violin, cello, clarinet, and piano and electronics (field recordings)
Premiere: October 14 & 15, 2019
UNDA Cellotrónica album-Recording of the album with cellist Clara Rivière
Train III-for cello & electronics
Cinco Letras-adaptation for cello & electronics
SA24 project-contributed two songs with lyrics by Texan poets for the project with Composers Alliance of San Antonio
“After the Melanoma” – setting of poem by Natalia Treviño
“Pitt’s SA” – setting of poem by Darrell Pittman


Under (harp in a resonant space)
Project: Under the bridge (Onder de brug)
– harp solo for floating harp under a bridge
in collaboration with theater maker/harpist Iris van der Ende developed for Over Het IJ Festival and Amsterdam Grachtenfestival
(OutsideIn)Project Klanktheater D.E.E.P
– music theater crossover: cello, harp, clarinet, electronics in combination with walk-in painting, photography projection, and more!
in collaboration with Clara Rivière Visier, Iris van der Ende, artists from Werkplaats K
Sentinels, for cello and field recording
(June, Krems, Austria)
– cello and field recordings/electronics
in collaboration with Clara Rivière Visier for Artist in Residence Krems
rüf Elise, remix of “Für Elise”– take scissors to a famous piano solo and cut, mix, or flip around a famous score to hear how it transforms — that was the approach. Read blog.


 Der weiße Wald (The white forest)– cello and storyteller
in collaboration with Clara Rivière Visier, cello and Sabine Jacobs, visual artist
 Molenharp– harp, projection, and electronics
in collaboration with Iris van der Ende
 Bridge – violin, mezzo-soprano, and piano
commissioned by Musical Bridges Around the World
 De stem van de molen / The voice of the windmill – windmill, harp, and wind
in collaboration with Iris van der Ende


Tshoshwane– sonic material from Mmabolela Field Recording Workshop in South Africa
Listen on the Free Music Archive
 Remember my fate– two bassoons
 Perseus Cluster– for tuba, trumpet quartet, and four brass choirs
 G, a throat opera– singer and tape, live video projection
 Adem– bayan and tape


 Sterven– theater, harp, guitar
in collaboration with Iris van der Ende
 One– flute & clarinet
 Train II– seven players and field recording
 A cup of tea– singer and tape (music theater)
 Escalator– Yamaha Disklavier and field recording
supported by the Conlon Foundation
 Hortus Botanicus Leiden 
Sound Experience
– audio walk for headphones
in collaboration with Iris van der Ende
 Tulp– soprano and electric guitar
Words by Mareen Lieftink


 Train– seven players and field recording
 Leaf Cycle– string trio (also for low strings)
commissioned by Zvov (formerly Zvuv)
Included in the “Zvov Sensory” project
 Cinco Letras– cello and graphic projected score
 The Cough Drop Song– singing pianist

2008 – 2013

Rootabaga Stories (2013 – 2014)– an opera in two scenes
based on Carl Sandburg’s stories from 
Rootabaga Country
 Rhapsody– oboe and harp
 Peanuts or Pretzels?– soprano and piano miniature
 Melampau– flute
 Toycycle– toy piano and tricycle
Laugh in the Mirror– audio/visual installation
in collaboration with artist Lexi Bass
Twisting Brook– toy piano
for vox novus project Mark Robson
 Too Many Cooks…– percussion trio
 Epitaph for a Darling Lady
– Dorothy Parker poem
– soprano and piano
Buzz– miniature percussion duo
 Firebox– piano
commissioned by Jordan Waller-Opaski
 Selections from Huber Winery,
five character pieces
– piano
commissioned by Dr. Krista Wallace-Boaz
Switch – clarinet and live electronics
 Close Encounter of the Hillbilly Kind  – a pocket opera
2 singers and 5-piece ensemble
Nigerian Scam Cycle– soprano and piano novelty songs
 Hot Pink Toccata– organ
 Animal Opus Electroacoustic music page
 Cave of Sleeping Accordions Electroacoustic music page
Oscillations– string quartet
 Dance Suite– double bass
 Wiegenlied– organ
8– organ
 To Breathe One’s First
– orchestra (2010/12)
– full orchestra, 1.2. harp, piano, strings
 Duo – clarinet and marimba
Battle of Fantastical Forces– Messiaen quartet (violin, clarinet, cello, piano)
 Frolic– marimba
 Teufelstanz– piano
 Remember From Womb You CameElectroacoustic music page
 Incidental Music for BOOTH– theatre music for mixed ensemble
for Trinity University Theater production

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