Zvuv Sensory

“By shutting down one of our senses, the brain starts to replace the impulses with imagination and becomes more alert to other senses.  This performance invites the audience to enter a space of imagined reality, led by sounds and sensory experiences. You’re welcome to come unprepared.”

Composer Liisa Hirsch and I joined Zvuv in creating and immersive experience for intimate audiences of about nine people.  During four concerts the three players, two composers, and two more sensory theatre makers gave unique personal attention to cIMG_1512reate the most stimulating experience possible.  Two pre-composed pieces combined nicely with improvisation and audience interaction; this was a hands-on concert even for the composers. We worked on Zvuv Sensory on two occasions: first session in October 2014 and second session and four performances in April 2015 at the Royal Conservatoire Den Haag.  Our performance space was the back of Kees van Barenzaal, which was great to control every detail from lighting to sound.  The score I composed for this project is Leaf Cycle, which is in three movements and is based on leaves collected in the Haagse Bos (The Hague Forest).

There are three movements of very different character, and different pitch and sound parameters are mapped onto the leaves.  The sensory theatre part involved actual fresh and decaying leaves for their sound, smell, touch, and in the end, also sight.

The rehearsal process was highly collaborative, with planning meetings, music rehearsals, and test sessions on individuals to best design the experience of Zvuv Sensory.

Zvuv String Trio: 

Cornelia Zambila, violin

Maya Felixbrodt, viola

Clara Rivière Visier, cello



Photo with composer Liisa Hirsch

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