Selections from Huber Winery (2013), piano solo
Duration: c. 11 minutes
The work is a collection of 5 character pieces, each inspired by a wine, and can be performed together or individually.

Program Note :

A beautiful 15-minute drive west of I-65 through rolling hills of southern Indiana leads us to Huber Winery in Borden, Indiana. Founded by German immigrants with farming and wine-making savvy in 1843, this farm remains a family-run business. Huber Winery includes over 65 acres of vineyards and thirty brands of wines. This winery is a special place to Dr. Krista Wallace-Boaz and her husband as a retreat from their busy musician and university lives, and she decided to commission a piano piece about her favorite Huber wines. I personally visited Huber Winery and its connected family farms during my master’s study at the University of Louisville. A family-friendly place, they have the beautiful vineyards and sprawling pumpkin fields to explore on this 600-acre estate, and delicious food and drink such as fresh apple cider (and of course wines) for visitors to enjoy. It was a fun challenge to compose this piece about these Huber wines prized by Indiana-native Dr. Boaz.