Composer for hire

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Like all other makers who specialize in a craft, I am available for hire to write new pieces. All music was once written or commissioned! Here is some information to help dream up your next project, and a bit more about me as a composer.

Style & Approach

Depending on the genre and type of project I have several styles with which I aim to bring the concepts, ideas and discoveries across. 

Coming from a piano/clarinet background, my instrumental music is “contemporary classical”, often with motives that get lodged in one’s head, and sometimes more experimental, sometimes with humor, and sometimes more straight-forward. My vocal music or operatic music tends to be on the humorous side – cabaret or novelty songs or operetta, or with a dark twist. A work that combines many emotions felt during the pandemic is my Requiem, for the Victims of a Pandemic, for instance. When electronics are involved I thrive in the rich electroacoustic world of recording pre-existing sounds, be they musical instruments or ants or trains, and often integrating live instruments into these worlds. For music theater projects or collaborationg in exhibitions with artists where music combines with or art, music can serve many new functions to explore a new space or tell stories. Here I am very influenced by the theme/topic of the project and am quite chameleonic.


I am commissionable for the following categories of works: 

Concert Music:

  • solo works
  • chamber works
  • vocal works (solo, choral)
  • orchstral works with or without soloist
  • wind ensemble works with or without soloist

Educational Music:

  • works for young players
  • works for young listeners

Dramatic Music:
(can be scored for live performance by players or fixed media)

  • for music theater performances where actor also plays instruments
  • incidental music for theatre
  • opera
  • musical theatre
  • cues/film scores for film

Art Exhibition or Installation Music/Audio:

  • music for the occasion of opening exhibitions
  • music related to/with art works
  • music for installations in exhibitions/galleries

Special Occasion:

  • music for a special event honoring an organization or person(s)

All of these categories can be combined also with electronics, especially fixed media (electroacoustic). Options and ideas can be discussed.

If your idea is outside of this category, please do not hesitate to approach me. There is always time for fabulous firsts!


Commissioning fees vary from project to project because of the different instrumentation possibilities (size/complexity), length of the piece, difficulty level, and urgency as deciding factors. Another element to consider is how much direct contact is desired by the performers/commissioners, as well as travel that is involved. In general my contracts involve a 30% advance, 70% upon completion.


Let’s start the dialogue! Please send me a proposal and we can discuss the details at yfreckmann [at] gmail [dot] com.

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