rüf Elise (für Elise remix)


rüf Elise (2018), piano solo (PDF)
Duration: c. 2:45 minutes (watch scrolling score below)

Please note: Purchasing this item will yield 1 digital download of the score PDF in A4 size.


This piece is a playful remix of Beethoven’s famous “Für Elise” piano solo, hence the modified title “rüf Elise” (2018). Cut, mix, or flip around a famous score to hear how it transforms — that was the approach I took to the intriguing art exposition CopyPaste/Remix in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. The only rule I set was that the score could be visually modified as wished, but no notes or symbols could be deleted. I took scissors to the score, and like a puzzle, began to group and rearrange the music, trying out all modifications on the piano. I also like to call it Beethoven meets Freckmann.

The gallery opening was on a sunny Sunday afternoon at Werkplaats K where I was Artist in Residence at the time. I gave a live performance for the opening of the exhibition and also we also mounted a fixed installation for visitors to listen to the result with headphones.

Duration: c. 2:45 min.

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