Animal Opus (2011) tape – c. 9:30 min.


I. Flamingo Excitement
II. Miau Mixtur I
III. Frog Nocturne
IV. Miau Mixtur II
V. Horse Nocturne
VI. Miau Mixtur III
VII. Epilogue

Animal Opus (2011) for tape celebrates the richness of sounds found in nature, and especially those produced by animals. It all began with my wanting to capture the personalities and voices of my family’s many cats, and then I decided to visit the San Antonio Zoo where I discovered the fascinating sounds of flamingos. I approached the chosen animal samples as studies, altering and processing some more than others or not at all. I hope Animal Opus will open ears and help listeners experience a part of our world in a fresh way. Special thanks to my friend Jordan and her horse Dylan.  

Cave of Sleeping Accordions (2011) tape – c. 4:30 min.

Cave of Sleeping Accordions (2011) is a piece using accordion samples and traditional tape techniques.  I envisioned a cave of accordions, all slumbering peacefully.  But then, an intruder enters and begins pushing some buttons!  Special thanks to Gerhard, my accordion.

Remember From Womb You Came (2008) tape – 4:37 min.

Remember From Womb You Came is my first electroacoustic composition. I wanted to create a self-portrait in sound, and thought back to the very beginning of my life. In the piece I recreated and imagined sounds I may have heard in the womb, which leads to the birth into an entire new sound world. I used sounds of people (including my mother’s voice), instruments and objects, altered and arranged with software to create this collage of the sounds of possible memories. This piece was premiered at the Society of Composers, Inc. Student National Conference in October 2008 hosted at Ball State, and was selected for performance at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival in April 2009 and, most recently, in the listening room of the 2012 Electrogals Unwired Festival in Portland. 

This piece was created primarily with Logic 8, Peak LE, Soundhack, and Slicer.

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