Composing for me is the ideal way to explore ideas and sounds, and to work with others to create experiences that are meaningful and engage the mind.

Fifteen years have flown by since I first put pencil to staff paper in college and became hooked on the challenge of composing: creating music, sculpting sound. I began my music career at age seven with piano lessons, at age eleven learned the clarinet in band, and explored dance, theater, art. Supported by teachers, family, friends, I continued my studies through the master’s level, both in the States and abroad in the Netherlands on a Fulbright grant, and now work as a freelance composer with musicians, artists, and theater makers, presenting in concerts and festivals around the globe.

Composers Alliance San Antonio Project with Music Wall Duo

The Composers Alliance of San Antonio presents “Rites of Spring,” a concert of new music for flute and piano performed by Abigail Walsh and Pei-I Wang, members of the Music Wall Duo. The introspective and emotional program by CASA members, including two world premieres, was released online on May 23, 2021 on CASA’s YouTube Channel. This virtual concert forms part of a series that CASA has presented during the pandemic to advance its mission of promoting contemporary music in San Antonio and beyond. Since then it was performed at Illinois College in November 2021, and will be presented in San Antonio, TX at the University of the Incarnate Word on April 29, 2022.

I composed a new flute and piano duo Dragonflies for this project, and was so very happy it was chosen, played, and recorded so well.

Album Release

UNDA Cellotrónica cover art

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About the album

The inspiration for this album is how the voice of the cello may be enriched by the manifold options the electroacoustic world can bring. For Yvonne Freckmann, composing is the ideal way to explore ideas and sounds to engage the mind. For cellist Clara Rivière inspiration comes through experimentation with fresh ideas and living at the intersection of music, theater and multimedia performances.

UNDA Cellotrónica is the result of the four-year exploration of melding a classical modern cello sound with pre-recorded sounds that range from trains, to birds, to recordings of the cello itself. The album UNDA (in Latin, wave) is a compilation of the five exciting works to stretch your ears. We hope to present this project in concerts around the world.

SOLI Chamber Ensemble

A dream come true: award-winning SOLI Chamber Ensemble commissioned me to write a new piece for their October 2019 concerts! The result was Nest, for their mixed quartet and field recordings! They are the vanguard of contemporary music in San Antonio, Texas, and an inspiration and mentors of mine since college, making this a personal and challenging project for me.

SOLI is also dedicated to education of audiences and young musicians. Their “I SOLO’d with SOLI” gives students a taste of chamber music with the actual SOLI musicians themselves, and I was honored to compose in 2020 an arrangement of six Clementi sonatinas for their educational project.

Made in SA – new music for new young pianists, and other young talent

One of the most delightful and fruitful projects of CASA (Composers Alliance San Antonio) is the Made in SA series of new music for new music musicians. A published series of books and also concerts by pianists in San Antonio, Tx have celebrated that special connection between composers and musicians. Most of the concerts have been hosted at the University of the Incarnate Word, and the last few editions during the pandemic was an all-digital concert release. Check out the official trailer.

Thank you for your interest in my music! Contact me with any questions about scores, pieces, performances, or future collaborations!