34089920_455586561562109_3896077413884362752_nIt’s residency time! On June 1st I arrived in Krems an der Donau for an entire month to devote to music-making. I am very honored to be named an Artist in Residence in Krems, Austria in collaboration with Cellist Clara Rivière for a project making field recordings, composing, and giving a workshop for children with special needs (with Veronika Großberger), all during the month of June! Thank you to the Nö Festival and Kino GmbH for sponsoring my work here!

During my explorations for sounds I like to send out audiopostcards to share a little bit of what I am hearing throughout my stay.

2018_Feb10_tweemolens100For my most recent shenanigans and adventures in contemporary music and music theater, check out my blog posts from the past two weeks about “interviewing” some new windmill locations. Pretty pictures, friendly millers, lots of wooden stairs: Blog

The summer is full of festivals featuring new projects, especially collaborations with theatre maker-harpist Iris van der Ende. See the Agenda for more details. All the while, Klanktheater is busy preparing for “Multiply by Sharing IX” in October in as year-long Artists in Residence in Werkplaats K in Kerkrade!

OHIJ Festival
Onder de brug (Under the bridge) – music theater performance by Iris van der Ende & Yvonne Freckmann. We are featured in a “makers” preview article HERE. Photo credit Over het IJ Festival

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