Under for harp


Under, music for harp in a resonant space (2018) (PDF)

Duration: c. 11 minutes
Please note: Purchasing this item will yield 1 digital download of the score PDF in A4 size.


Under, music for harp in a resonant space, was composed in 2018 for theater maker and harpist Iris van der Ende, who dreamed up an unusual project under a resonant bridge in north Amsterdam. For the Festival Over Het IJ we developed a performance with a harp on a boat floating under a bridge by Amsterdam Marina harbor. We tested the sonic properties and resonance response to her harp and I wrote a work to put her in dialogue with the bridge, a work inspired by rebounding sound, rapidly muted harp strings, waves, wind, and water. A month after we adapted to the Brugkelder 485 and the Torontobrug in Amsterdam for the Grachtenfestival, a fantastic experience. My hope is that this music will also be performed in many other settings, challenging the player and listeners to fully engage with the space around them.

Harp compatibility: This piece works with the standard pedal harp and also smaller lever harp.

Duration: c. 11 minutes

Movement titles:
I. Rebound
II. Reflect
III. Resound

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