UNDA Cellotrónica album (digital)


Clara Rivière & Yvonne Freckmann’s debut album released in May 2020.

Eleven riveting tracks of cello & electronics/field recordings + two bonus tracks of a psychological thriller fairy tale Der weiße Wald in Spanish & English, from the original German version. (Total playing time: 1 h., 4 min., 56 sec.)

Please note: Purchasing this item will yield 1 digital download of the entire album & the liner notes booklet.


UNDA Cellotrónica is the fruit of a four-year exploration of melding live contemporary cello performance with electroacoustic media. Using extra-musical inspiration as a starting point, such as field recordings or contemporary art, Yvonne Freckmann and Clara Rivière respond and connect to their surroundings through music. The core of this project is the application of varied compositional approaches that combine field recordings/electroacoustic soundtracks and their interaction with a live acoustic instrument.

Coming from classical music backgrounds and specialized in contemporary music, they shape their reality into immersive performances. For Yvonne Freckmann, composing is the ideal way to explore concepts and sounds to engage the mind. For cellist Clara Rivière inspiration comes through experimentation with fresh ideas and living at the intersection of music, theater and multimedia performances. Rivière premiered all of the works on this album, integral to the process of their creation. Karin’s Colors is completely co-composed.

They form part of the ensemble Klanktheater, a multidisciplinary group that explores the boundaries of music, sound and theater. Hereby they present their debut album, UNDA (in Latin, waves).


2 thoughts on “UNDA Cellotrónica album (digital)

  1. Yvonne Freckmann says:

    “Impacting! Innovative! Riveting! Amazing! The boldness of the journey I was taken on at this concert opened up new areas of aesthetic exploration for me.” – Sheila Rinear, playwright

  2. Yvonne Freckmann says:

    “Freckmann and Rivière’s Cellotrónica project is a remarkable blend of music, narrative, visual art, sound art, and theatre. The sheer variety of forms invented and explored by these artists would alone be captivating, but their consummate artistry makes the experience transporting.” – Andrew Kania, Philosopher of Music

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