Der weiße Wald (German)


Der weiße Wald (2015), music theater fairy tale thriller for cello & narrator (PDF) ***GERMAN VERSION
Duration: c. 11 minutes

Please note: Purchasing this item will yield 1 digital download
of score & libretto
PDF in US-Letter or A4 page size.


Der weiße Wald (The White Woods) is a music theater fairy tale for acting violoncellist and storyteller inspired by the beautiful and delicate sculpture nature scene “Lichtfänger” (Lightcatcher) by Sabine Jacobs and composed for cellist Clara Rivière. At the center of a clearing all in white stands one silvery tree and leaves appear to be floating below. The heart of a cello beats within the woods, connected to the trees themselves. What if a cello returns home at last but cannot sound on its own? It must have patience to find its arms…

Instrumentation: Cello and storyteller (GERMAN)
Duration: c. 10:30 minutes
Difficulty: Advanced

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