The white woods – music theater in art exhibition with Sabine Jacobs

Collaborating with artists from other disciplines provides me with such rich seeds from which to grow new music and performances. On Saturday, Clara Rivière and I gave the premiere performance of Der weiße Wald (The white woods), a music theater fairy tale for acting cellist and narrator. Clara performed the tragic protagonist role within the beautiful Lichtfänger art installation by Sabine Jacobs, who also was drawing live during the performance. I narrated the story, and music, text and art came together for a special afternoon at gallery POST in Kerkrade, South-Limburg, the Netherlands.

We became Werkplaats K Artists in Residence this fall, joining the community of artists ranging from painting, photography, sculpture to theatre technician. In October we presented live performance works in Multiply by Sharing VIII, part of a Dutch and German art exhibition.

For her Oes-de-la-MENG (out of the open hand) exhibition this month in gallery POST Kerkrade, Sabine Jacobs invited us to perform within the context of her work and she would also draw live in response to our music and words. Very satisfied with the result, we look forward to more interdisciplinary collaborations.



Der weiße Wald – The white woods

A fairy tale for cello and storyteller

Saturday, November 25, 2017 – 15:30
POST, Kerkrade

Werkplaats K Artists in Residence

Clara Rivière Visier, cello and staging
Yvonne Freckmann, composition and storytelling
Elena Garcia Verduras, photography

Sabine Jacobs, artist and scenography, live drawing

POST Exhibiting Artist – Sabine Jacobs

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