Zvov Sensory Belgium Tour March 2017

Zvov Sensory is hitting the road again in March for performances in the lovely cities of Brussels and Antwerp.  I’ve always enjoyed my visits to these cities, and it’s even more special to combine traveling with music. Through the sensory performances I’ve met so many different people very close up. Often I feel I understand our audience intimately even before we take off the blindfolds at the end of the shows and our eyes meet.


photos by Iro Christina Karampampa

Each performance is slightly or even drastically different based on how our audience interacts with us, which I love. Also, the fact the Zvov continues to play my integrated piece Leaf Cycle with such intensity is a great honor.

Maya Felixbrodt (IL/NL) – Viola Clara Riviere (SP/NL) – Cello Shaya Feldman (IL/BL) – Bass
Yvonne Freckmann (US/DE/NL) – composer/performer – Iro Christina Karampampa


Here is detailed tour info for those who may attend:

We’re excited to invite you to Zvov Sensory performances in Belgium!

Each performance is limited to 12 people only, therefore you’re requested to reserve tickets in advance by using the Reservations form or email: zvovtrio@gmail.com

Sat. March 11th 19:00 Zvov Sensory with Jackie J Janssens
Artout, Beukenstraat 60, 2140 Antwerp
10 Euro entrance (7,50 students)

Sun. March 12th 18:30 & 20:00
Temple Gallery, Guillaume van Haelenlaan 132, 1190 Vorst, Brussels
entrance by donation

Mon. March 13th 20:00
The Music Room, Antwerp
10 Euros entrance (7,50 students)

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