AiR Krems 2018

Looking back to a year ago, I remember fondly the chance to be artist in residence in Krems, Austria…
During the month of June in 2018 it was residency time! On June 1st I arrived in Krems an der Donau for an entire month to devote to music-making. I was very honored to have been named an Artist in Residence in Krems, Austria in collaboration with cellist Clara Rivière for a project making field recordings, composing, and giving a workshop for children with special needs (with Veronika Großberger), all during one intense month! Furthermore, when I arrived I met new fascinating artists with whom I could explore and make new work and an exposition in Krems.

With my new colleagues Adriana Affortunati, Jana Dabac, Clara Rivière and Andrew Neumann, we organized an exhibition and cello performance in a beautiful old garage/former wine cellar in Krems. It is a celebration of our poetic impressions of Krems during the month of June.

Poster of our guerilla-exhibition in a beautiful old wine cellar.

About the audiovisual exhibition

Ohrenbetäubendes Geflüster (Deafening Whispers) is an audiovisual exhibition and cello performance that emerged from the collaboration between Adriana Affortunati (Visual artist / Brazil), Jana Dabac (Architect / Croatia), Yvonne Freckmann (Composer / USA, Germany) and Clara Rivière (Cellist / Spain).

The artworks presented are a result of the poetic impressions assembled collaboratively between the artists during their first month of residency in Krems, Austria. Installing the exhibition in an old wine cellar stimulates the proximity between the artworks and the public since it is both a familiar and an authentic setting. The place is an art piece itself and thus multiplies the possibilities of interaction with the artworks, provoking the visitor to create different meanings while experiencing each installation.

Herzlichen Dank!

Thank you to the KlangraumNö Festival and Niederösterreich for sponsoring my work here! AiR Krems was a fantastic residency.

One of the pieces composed during this time, Sentinels for cello and field recordings will be on the new UNDA Cellotronica album to be released in fall 2019.

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