Oscillations (2011) for string quartet is about ideas evolving and revolving, twisting and turning, and about spinning as many threads as possible out of a single spool. The first measure and opening motive, which is comprised of six pitches, provides the seed from which all other melodies, motives and gestures grow. These ideas evolve in the ever-changing fabric and texture of music, with the slow-moving harmonies coloring the mood.  The following two movements develop this language even further, oscillating between even more moods, characters and melodies.

The piece began with a commission by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln’s 2011 Chamber Music Institute. The Bel Fiore String Quartet premiered the first movement of Oscillations in the Sheldon Museum of Art’s Abbott Auditorium on Friday, June 10, 2011. Special thanks to members of Bel Fiore: Hanna Cooper, and Alice Hong, violins; Tonya Burton, viola; and Kyle Price, cello.

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