A chance to grow and exchange ideas

Composing, orchestrating or arranging music is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in life, and I am happy to share my enthusiasm for this craft.

Composition Lessons or Coaching

I teach lessons on 1. ’traditional composition’ involving notation (5-line staff and/or graphic scores,) 2. electroacoustic composition (work with recorded sounds in a DAW), or 3. projects combining music with another art (from the view of composer-collaborator).

Be prepared to spend a lot of time on your score/project if you become my student. Listening assignments and extra exercises will be assigned as needed.

Course of Study:

In general my lessons work like this: They are 1-hour lessons by Skype every week, and 1-2 days before the lesson I expect to receive the current PDF and midi, MusicXML (or Finale or Musescore) to study your progress before we meet. Thus you receive informed feedback during the Skype and we make decision on your composition together.

We can work from the first brainstorming and sketches through the final version. Or I can help refine the score near completion, and help you with strategies for upcoming reading sessions or performance. 


As I’m very active with various projects, teaching engagements, etc. I have to prioritize my time, so I expect clear communication from the student about goals of the lessons and I expect punctuality and dependability. Consistancy in scheduling. Commitment.

Another cost to yourself will be the time invested in working on your pieces.

The fee is negotiable in advance, and I require a deposit of 4 lessons in advance. We will evaluate how complex your project is and how much is at stake (a big commission, for example), which will affect how much teacher preparation time will be required.


Sound like a positive investment you would like to make in yourself to grow as a composer and reach your next goal? Contact me through the Contact form or my email [yfreckmann [at] gmail [dot] com.] 

For more information on commissioning me to compose a new piece, click here.