Composing for me is the ideal way to explore ideas and sounds, and to work with others to create experiences that are beautiful and engage the mind.

Twelve years have flown by since I first put pencil to staff paper in college and became hooked on the challenge of composing: creating music, sculpting sound. I began my music career at age seven with piano lessons, at age eleven learned the clarinet in band, and explored dance, theater, art. Supported by teachers, family, friends, I continued my studies through the master’s level, both in the States and abroad in the Netherlands on a Fulbright grant, and now work as a composer with musicians and theater makers, presenting in concerts and festivals around the globe.


Highlights from the fall season included a performance at the young composer’s festival Gaudeamus Muziekweek in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Theatre maker-harpist Iris van der Ende and I will performed “De stem van de molen / The voice of the windmill” for harp, windmill, and wind. This performance combines the majesty of the old mill with electronics of four loudspeakers turning on each wing, harp, theater, and natural forces.

SMP Untwelve

I’m honored to have been selected in the UNTWELVE project of microtonal music, going beyond the standard 12 tones of Western music. Some familiar colleagues and new ones on the program. It’s especially exciting because they are doing multiple performances – two in Chicago and one planned NYC thus far. Here is he Facebook event for Sept. 21st.

Klanktheater D.E.E.P

All the while, Klanktheater dove deep into the project preparing for the Multiply by Sharing IX exposition featuring our “Buitenstebinnen” performance:
music, theater, painting and photography performance in October 5,6,7 as the final product of our year-long Artists in Residence time in Werkplaats K in Kerkrade.

IMG_0604*** copy
photo by Jos Reinders, painting in progress by Karin Veldkamp

In the News – Onder de Brug project

Muzikale dialoog met brug nummer 246- Trouw de Verdieping pag 10 3-8-2018
“Muzikale dialoog met brug nummer 246”- Trouw de Verdieping, page 10, Aug. 3, 2018

The summer was full of festivals featuring our new project in collaborations with theatre maker-harpist Iris van der Ende: Onder de brug performances during the Grachten-festival August 11 & 12th (6 shows) and the Over Het IJ Festival (26 shows) in July:

Under the bridge, where Iris van der Ende sits with her harp, the room works like a resonance chamber. All stays hanging before it dissolves: music, sounds, thoughts. Iris lets you listen to the sound in a lost place in the city, and answers these with arpeggios, chords and melodies. Thus she plays her harp and the space.

OHIJ Festival
Photo credit Over het IJ Festival

Fantastic experience during the Over Het IJ Festival in Amsterdam in July, presenting the premiere of Onder de BrugOver Het IJ Festival in Amsterdam July 13-22!

We were even featured in a “makers” preview article. HERE.

Residency in Austria

34089920_455586561562109_3896077413884362752_nDuring the month of June it was residency time! On June 1st I arrived in Krems an der Donau for an entire month to devote to music-making. I am very honored to have been named an Artist in Residence in Krems, Austria in collaboration with Cellist Clara Rivière for a project making field recordings, composing, and giving a workshop for children with special needs (with Veronika Großberger), all during the month of June!  Furthermore, when I arrived I met new fascinating artists with whom I could explore and make new work and an exposition in Krems. See the picture below!

Thank you to the KlangraumNö Festival and Niederösterreich for sponsoring my work here!


With my new colleagues Adriana Affortunati, Jana Dabac, Clara Rivière and Andrew Neumann, we organized an exhibition and cello performance in a beautiful old garage/former wine cellar in Krems. It is a celebration of our poetic impressions of Krems during the month of June.


Ohrenbetäubendes Geflüster (Deafening Whispers) is an audiovisual exhibition and cello performance that emerged from the collaboration between Adriana Affortunati (Visual artist / Brazil), Jana Dabac (Architect / Croatia), Yvonne Freckmann (Composer / USA, Germany) and Clara Rivière (Cellist / Spain).
The artworks presented are a result of the poetic impressions assembled collaboratively between the artists during their first month of residency in Krems, Austria. Installing the exhibition in an old wine cellar stimulates the proximity between the artworks and the public since it is both a familiar and an authentic setting. The place is an art piece itself and thus multiplies the possibilities of interaction with the artworks, provoking the visitor to create different meanings while experiencing each installation.

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