Dragonflies, for flute and piano, is a piece for two players continuously connected, in parallel flight or emerging from within one another’s sound: like two dragonflies whisking and darting about, or seemingly frozen mid-air. Composed for Abigail Walsh and Pei-I Wang, Dragonflies aims to showcase their ensemble playing, virtuosity and sensitivity. Based on a continuously recurring harmonic sequence, like a chaconne, coupled with the freedom of an impromptu, this duo captures stasis and motion in one.

Length: 6 min.
Difficulty: Advanced

Occasion: Composers Alliance of San Antonio project with Music Wall Duo, the wonderful Abigail Walsh, flute & Pei-I Wang, piano. Dragonflies was premiered on May 23, 2021 in the “Rites of Spring” online concert produced by CASA, with future plans of in-person concerts.

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