Ordering Information

Composer Yvonne Freckmann and EclectiCollisions Music Productions offers digital purchasing formats for their album and many scores:

MP3 – The UNDA Cellotrónica album and any other audio download will be generally be delivered as high-quality mp3 downloads in a zip file. Once downloaded, double-click on the folder and the zip file should automatically unzip on your device.

PDF – These scores/documents will be delivered to you in the digital PDF format via a secure download link soon after your purchase.

Why choose a PDF option?

Music is made and shared all over the world, by providing a less expensive PDF option that can be printed anywhere, composer Yvonne Freckmann can to incur less overhead, create and publish more works, and disseminate music with greater ease. An you, the buyer, may have the satisfaction of receiving the music without delay!

In most cases, we try to provide an option for customers to purchase a music score in either U.S. Letter of A4 print size, among other options.

Are there any advantages to purchasing a PDF over a printed score?

Yes. You receive your purchase immediately by download upon completion of payment, and is cheaper than print purchases. The money saved should easily allow for your own printing.

Having a PDF available can be quite handy as many performers now play/read from tablets or other electronic devices and a lost instrumental part can be replaced within seconds.

What if I need help printing a PDF?

Most computers already have software capable of reading and printing PDFs. To download Adobe Reader (free), click the link below.

If I purchase a PDF or other item, how long is it available for download?

The download link that you receive will remain active for two weeks and until shortly after your initial download. In other words, once your downloads are complete, please save the file(s) in a safe place, as you will not be able to return weeks/months later and download the same file again.

What forms of payment do you accept? Are my transactions secure?

credit_cardsWe accept all major credit/debit cards. Yes, all payments are secure. All transactions are currently handled securely through PayPal. Once you confirm your order with us, you will automatically be directed to PayPal to complete payment through the WooCommerce host. Direct bank transfer is also available.