Battle of Fantastical Forces, for clarinet, violin, cello and piano, is a musical
storybook in which each player takes on the part of a fantasy character. The piece
begins in medias res, with each character competing for the lead. During their
journey, they soon arrive in a forest of whispers and intrigue. All is well until a
goblin unleashes his first arrow through the mist. Under attack, the four must join
together to survive. After several skirmishes, the opposing sides gather their forces
for the final battle, which will determine the heroes’ fate.

Theresa Hupf, clarinet; Rebecca Dietz, violin; Emma Treadway, cello; Yvonne Freckmann, piano: Premiere performance on April 6, 2010 in Trinity University’s Ruth Taylor Recital Hall.

This piece is dedicated to SOLI Chamber Ensemble, who were my mentors and an inspiration (especially in terms of contemporary music) during my undergraduate years.

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