Electroacoustic & Computer music

De stem van de molen / The voice of the windmill for windmill, harp, and wind in collaboration with Iris van der Ende
 – Yamaha Disklavier and field recording
G, a throat opera – singer and tape
Tshoswane – electroacoustic piece with field recordings from South Africa
Hortus Botanicus Leiden Sound Experience – audio walk for headphones
A cup of tea
– singer and tape
Switch – clarinet and live electronics

Electroacoustic music page
Animal Opus
Cave of Sleeping Accordions
Remember From Womb You Came


Ensemble music

Bridge – for violin, mezzo-soprano, and piano
— a Musical Bridges Around the World
Commission 2017
Train – 
seven players and field recording
Train II – seven players and field recording
Perseus Cluster – tuba, four trumpets, and four brass choirs
Leaf Cycle – string trio (Zvuv String Trio) – “Zvuv Sensory”
Ubahn – for two low-voiced instruments
Oscillations – string quartet
One – flute & clarinet
Duo – clarinet and marimba
Remember – two bassoons
Battle of Fantastical Forces – mixed quartet
Rhapsody – oboe and harp
To Breathe One’s First – orchestra
Incidental Music for BOOTH – theatre music for mixed ensemble
Too Many Cooks… – percussion trio

Solo music

Cello                  Cinco Letras
                              Dance Suite (arr. from existing piece)
Clarinet             Switch – clarinet and live electronics
Double Bass     Dance Suite
Flute                  Melampau
Marimba          Frolic
Organ     Tulp
                  Hot Pink Toccata
Piano     Firebox
                 Selections from Huber Winery, commissioned by Dr. Krista Wallace-Boaz
                 Toycycle – toy piano and tricycle
                 The Cough Drop Song – singing pianist
Accordion     Dance of the Fireflies
Adem – bayan

Vocal music/Music Theatre


A cup of tea – singer and tape
Nigerian Scam Cycle – soprano and piano
Epitaph for a Darling Lady – soprano and piano
Tulp – soprano and electric guitar
The Cough Drop Song – singing pianist
Peanuts or Pretzels? – miniature for soprano and piano


Close Encounter of the Hillbilly Kind  – a pocket opera
Rootabaga Stories – an opera in two scenes

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